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Saturday, January 19, 2013

FatShark FPV

I mounted an FPV set on my mini H quad. Total weight of the quad copter incl. fpv set and battery is 485 grams. I'm still flying this thing with my 2cell 1300mAh 15C battery and even with the extra weight there is more than enough thrust to fly it.

The FPV set that I'm using is a Fat Shark Predator V2. It's a full package with goggles, 5.8Ghz TX and RX module, camera and battery. For they price HK sells it it's a really good product to start with FPV. It's 100% plug and play. Attach the cables and battery and you can fly, no configuration or setup is needed. The components to mount on the quad itself are small, light (42gram) and consume less than 400mA at 7,4V

You can connect the goggle to a videorecorder in order to record your FPV flight. This set includes a NTSC CMOS camera, so make sure to connect it to a ntsc compatible video recorder. I have no videorecoder at this time I can not upload any recording of my first FPV flight. :(

As you can see on the first image I wrapped the camera and the video tx module in bubble plastic. This is just to product the video components  when the quad would crash. A side effect of this is that the camera (video) is vibration free. If you would attacht the camera directly on to the frame you will see a vibrating image/video due to the vibrations on the frame that are caused by the motors.

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