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Sunday, January 6, 2013

First test flight

So here is a photo of the front motors that are twisted towards the back. The back motors are twisted towards the front This is really a must to get good yaw control.

Today I tested the quad outside. A wet and cloudy day, but just gentle breeze. I equiped the quad with the 2Cell lipo battery. Maybe a little bit extra pid tuning is needed, but I just have to learn to be very gentle on the RC controls. After I got the feeling in my hands I'll mount the fatshark FPV set!

Current setup:
- my personal homebuild mini H-frame
- C20 1550kv motors
- 6x4.5 Tri Blade props
- HK 12amp ESC
- HK i86L control board
- 2cell 1300mAh 15C lipo
- 4 channel analog 40mhz RC system

-> total weight 430 grams

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