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Saturday, February 9, 2013

FPV recorder

So I ordered myself a USB Video Grabber. This little, cheap usb device converts analog composite video or svideo signals to digital video formats such as avi, mpeg1/2/4, dvd,... The FatShark predator v2 goggle has a video out jack and composite cable. So you just have to connect the FatShark goggle via the video out jack to the usb video grabber on the analog composite connections. Then connect the usb cable to you pc and watch your FPV live on your computer screen and record the video stream to your desired file format on your hardisk.

Most USB video grabbers are just clones with another name, have the same specs and can do exactly the same. The one I have is the DeLock USB video grabber. My advice when recording is to record to AVI format. Other formats (dvd, mpg1/2/4) are available, but these formats demand a lot of enconding and processorload. This can result in frame drops. Just record to AVI format and convert later to the desired format.

Here are some short samples of recordings.
- mini H-Copter
- Fatshark Predator v2 FPV set
- delock usb video grabber.

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