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Monday, March 25, 2013

NanoWii Flight

I did a little (5 min) pid tuning flight. Just take off, go left/right see what the quad does and change the PID values. Currently it's not 100% finetuned but it fly's and I don't want to spend more time at tuning :) Here is a video of my current setup with my current pid settings. With my 2 cell 1300mAh battery I got 9 min flight time when no fpv cam is mounted.

Second I would like to make a comparrsion between the 2 flight controller boards I have used in this project.

So If you choose the NanoWii board you get a very stable control board that you can extend with other hardware such as gps, baro,... and you can upload new firmwares or modify or add your own code to the firmware. But you will need to have some basic knowledge on arduino to setup and configure this board via your pc. -> buy it here

If you want a fast, cheap and easy solotion you might choose the i86L board. It is really plug and play and you do not need a pc to configure the board. Just follow the manual and after 2min your quad is flying. But this board only has a gyro sensor, so not that stable. And you can't add extra hardware like a gps or a baro. -> buy it here

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