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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

HD Wing camera M12 lens mount

I designed a M12 lens adapter than can be mounted on the hobbyking HD Wing camera. It's designed with sketchup and can be printed with allmost all 3D printers. I also designed a small box to fit the camera. The M12 lens adapter can be used without the box. To mount the lens adapter the plastic that is wrapped around the camera should be removed. All files can be downloaded from my google drive

With the lens adapter it is possible to use allmost all M12 lenses. going from a small pinhole lens to very wide angle lens.

Remove the plastic that is wrapped arround the HD Wing camera. You also need to remove the little vibration motor that is mounted next to the image sensor. Download the M12 lens adapter (hdwbox3.stl) and print it with a 3D printer. Then slide the M12 lens mount on to the HD Wing camera. If you don't want to print the box then use 8mm M2 screw and nuts to fix the lens adapter to the camera board. Remove the original lens, the mount the new M12 lens

Download the top section of the box (hdwbox1.stl) and print it with a 3D printer. Also download and the 3mm spacer used to mount the camara board (hdwbox4.stl). The 3mm spacer should be printed 3 times. Place the 3mm spacer between the box and the cameraboard and use 10mm M2 screws and nuts to fix the camera in the box.

Download the bottom section of the box (hdwbox2.stl) and print it with a 3D printer. I fixed the small vibrition motor in this part with some tape. use 30mm M3 screws and nuts to hold the top and bottom box togheter.
*remark: a small design error: rear hole is not 3mm use a 3mm drill to hollow it out.

** remark on lens adapter: if it is to difficult to screw in your M12 lens then make 3 small cuts in the lens adapter wall. That worked fine for me.

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