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Monday, April 1, 2013

project summary

This is the end of this Mini H-Copter project. I've got a nice looking and stable flying FPV capable quad copter. No more upgrades for this multirotor. Now I can focus on finalizing my arducopter project. Here is a final overview off all components and cost to build this copter.

4 x ESC HK Blueseries Brushless Speed Controller 12A (6 euro ea)
4 x Motor C20 brushless Outrunner 1550kv (7 euro ea)
1 x Black Propeller set Three Blade 6x4.5 (CW&CCW) (1.5 euro ea)
1 x Red Propeller set Three Blade 6x4.5 (CW&CCW) (1.5 euro ea)
4 x Prop adapter M5x3mm shaft (1 euro ea)
1 x NanoWii Micro Flight Controller (16 euro ea)
1 x Woven Carbon Fiber Sheet 300x100 (11 euro ea)
2 x Alu tube U-Profile (10mm width x 10mm height x 250mm long) (1.5 euro ea)

Total damage for building this quad 89 euro

Attention! You also need the have the following items. Most RC hobbyist will have these items,
but ff you don't allready have them you will have to buy them.
- 2 Cell Lipo Battery for quad (I have got a 15C 1300mAh)  (6 euro ea)
- RC transmitter and Reciever for controlling the quad (at least 4CH). (19 euro ea)

And If you want to fly it FPV you need an FPV set
FatShark PredatorV2 RTF FPV Headset System (225 euro ea)

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