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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Project start

New project. A little mini H quad copter for flying indoor. I chose the H frame because it has a lot space to mount all components without staking them. A physical H-frame is a logical X-frame, so almost every multirotor controller is compatible.

Building an H frame is easy. You just need a front and back arm to mount the motors and an strong center plate to mount the arms and all other stuff. I chose to make an H copter with a center plate of 25cmx5cm this gives me enough room to mount all ecs, the multirotor controller, the rc receiver, the battery and even a fatshark fpv set. The center plate is a 2mm alu plate. I recommend to use a more expensive 2mm carbon plate because is more stiff. I chose the 2mm alu plates because I had them lying around. The arms are 25cm long, 10mm alu U-shaped. They are light and should be strong enough for this little quad. Total weight of the frame with screws 101 grams.

As you can see on the images an H-copter has a large long center section to mount all electronics. It's really ideal to mount everything and to attach everything with tape. Very easy, very quick.

On the top side you can see I mounted the multirotor controller I already used in my previous project:
On the back side I mounted all ECS. It's also the same model frome my previous project:

The goal is to get a mini H quad copter with a total flying weight (incl batt and fpv set) of 500 grams.

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